Service Manuals

For all clients who have access to the AskNow Admin, we have manuals available at any time for working with the Admin or minor service operations. Click on the picture for more information:

Christmas wishes

Have a great Christmas and a safe and wonderful NEW YEAR!

Advent 2023

Have a peaceful Advent time. 


Autumn wishes

Next Mobile Solutions wishes you all a beautiful and colourful AUTUMN.

Back to school

We wish all students and teachers good luck and a lot of strength.

Relaxing holidays

The team of Next Mobile Solutions wishes you all a wonderful holiday full of great experiences, lots of sunshine and good mood.

Mobile desktop or Wall-mount terminal

NEWS - If there is not enough space for our classic AskNow terminal, we have a new practical
solution for you: a mobile desktop or Wall-mount terminal. For more information:

Happy Easter

Wishing you a season filled with peace, joy and beautiful memories. Happy Easter!


Fertility, abundance, new beginnings, hope and love. All this is symbolized by the month of APRIL.

Hello, Spring!

We wish you all a sunny and relaxing Spring.

Women's Day

Women’s Day commemorates a holiday of respect and love for women. We wish all women a wonderful holiday.

AskNow Smiles

Another new feature of AskNow, that we have prepared for you, is the evaluation system using smileys icons. Now we can as well implement this new method in your questionnaires. Click on the image to find out more:

Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day  ♥ ♥

Christmas card

We wish you a festive Christmas season and success in 2023. 

Advent 2022

Have a peaceful Advent time ♥


We wish everyone a beautiful autumn

Back to school

September is here and for many the new school year begins. 
We wish all teachers to have enough strength and wisdom to educate students. And we wish all students that this school year will be beneficial for them not only in terms of learning about the world, but also important values such as friendship and family.

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