Ing. Alena Sedláčková
PR and marketing (2021 - to the present)

GASK Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region

"At the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region, we wanted to find out more about our  visitors, which is why we decided to conduct quantitative research. However, instead of a classic paper questionnaire, we chose innovative research through digital AsknNow terminals. That allowed us to reach respondents right in the gallery  and get required number of respondents in order to consider the results as meaningful. That solution worked verry well for making a profile of the GASK visitor.

The advantage of research in digital form is undoubtedly the possibility to see results immediately and interactive filtering questions, which allows a more detailed view and much more precise definition of desired target group.

Another benefit of working with AskNow is very friendly user interface that is available on-line on any device and in real time. Working with AskNow was without any problems and their customer support was always available."

Bc. Naděžda Kalužová
Marketing Manager

Blood Center of the University Hospital Ostrava

"We consider the AskNow terminal, which we have located in the premises of the Blood Center of the University Hospital Ostrava, as a significant and very positive innovation shift in the feedback from our clients / donors - to the services in the Central Hospital. AskNow terminal is located in the areas where the donor stays the longest and has the opportunity to answer a few simple questions. Earlier evaluations of paper questionnaires were lengthy and inflexible. To be honest, it wasn´t any more appealing to our clients. Now we have the opportunity to respond quickly to all requests, complaints, but also to see praises from our donors. The biggest advantage of AskNow is the unique speed of obtaining such an important information. We want our donors of blood and blood components to feel good and be satisfied. With this anonymous form of response, we constantly learn from our donors what we should or could improve. Therefore AskNow terminal is a huge benefit for us. "

PhDr. Denisa Vlková, MPH MBA
Director (2007 - to the present)

ŠNOP / Specialized Hospital for orthopedic prosthetics Bratislava

"We are pleased, that we have started to use AskNow as a way to get feedback. It is simple and modern for patients, and the hospital management has patient’s suggestions and insights instantly via email or mobile phone.

The added value of AskNow is long-term statistics, where, through the stimuli obtained, it is possible to identify areas to focus on."


Tom J. Bauer
Chief Operating Officer (2010 - to the present)

Vamed Vitality World

"Getting feedback in tourist business in the daily guest segment has always been a difficult challenge. In particular, factors such as a very short stay and anonymity made it difficult for us to get to know our guests and their needs better. However, this form of continuous research is an essential tool for strategic success.

For us, AskNow was the ideal solution to this problem. Finally, we are able to offer our guests a simple, modern and very efficient way to express their opinions and ratings.

Finally, another positive benefit of AskNow is, that its management has always proven to be very communicative and cooperative, so collaboration - in preparation, installation and support - has always been very professional."

Georg Wiesauer, BA
Asistant SPA Manager Tauern SPA (2017 - 2018)

Tauern SPA Kaprun

"AskNow provides a very easy way for our customers for leaving and posting a feedback. We think AskNow is great. It is multilingual (offers many languages) so that many guests can respond in their own language.

Wishes, suggestions and complaints are instantly forwarded directly to management. We fully recommend AskNow terminals. Every guest can use it and questions are easy to answer. Yes, we are really satisfied."

Leopold Holzknecht
SPA Manager AQUA DOME (2016 - 2019)

AQUA DOME - Tirol Therme Längenfeld

"The most interesting thing about AskNow terminal is that we receive daily automatic reports. We can get a rating from every field every day.

For management, AskNow has the advantage of receiving very fast and clear customer feedback daily."

Reinhold Hofmann
Deputy Managing Director

TBL Therme Laa

"Feedback is absolutely important to us, and this detailed evaluation we receive daily from AskNow is necessary and very helpful. Therefore we have better data and content to analyze and make decisions on every month.

So, I can highly recommend AskNow to our colleagues in the industry. We really have the best experience with the system, even when it comes to technical support. And I think that is very – very important."

Hans Dieter Bergmann
General Manager (2016 - to the present)

Spa Resort Therme Geinberg

"Our guests appreciate the simplicity of using AskNow terminals. We as management get their feedback on our mobile phones very quickly. Therefore, we can always take the necessary steps in time to best satisfy our guests.

I can recommend AskNow terminals. Guests haven the opportunity to provide their feedback in given fields, in which a manager may not be proficient. Therefore, management can take the necessary steps very quickly."

Petr Pavlacký
CEO Aqualand Moravia (2014 - to the present)

Aqualand Moravia, ŽS REAL, a.s.

"Thanks to AskNow, we have the advantage that we get feedback immediately. Compared to other quality outputs, this is absolutely unique. We can respond to a number of insights right at the time when it is happening, rather than with a delay of several hours or days."

Bohdana Opočenská
Executive Director of Bohdaneč Therapeutic Spa and Teplice nad Bečvou Spa (2017 - to the present)

Bohdaneč Therapeutic Spa and Teplice nad Bečvou Spa

"We have evaluated the AskNow system right after a test run as a significant shift in managing feedback. The earlier system of paper questionnaires was not so flexible.It was very time consuming and complicated to process all the papers and data manually. 

Thanks to AskNow terminals, we can handle complaints operatively and this has greatly contributed to client’s satisfaction."

Ondřej Roznětinský
BMW and MINI Renocar Service Manager (2013 - 2017)

BMW a MINI - Renocar a.s.

"I greatly appreciated that I could define my own targeted questions about the quality of our car services. AskNow feedback has the biggest advantage of receiving feedback and customers reviews instantly, both in the mail and on the phone."

Dana Soukupová
Hotel Director (2012 - to the present)


"I am very glad that we have introduced this new method. Our guests got used to it very quickly. The biggest advantage of AskNow is the speed of getting and evaluating the feedback and also that the guest’s opinion gets to me undistorted and authentic. Thanks to this we are able to react quickly and solve the situation."

Klaus Pilz
GM Hotel Thermal Karlovy Vary (2015) Former CEO, Slovak Health Spa Piestany (2005 - 2014)

Hotel Thermal Karlovy Vary

"AskNow is a perfect tool how to get again into interaction with guests on a daily basis. Guests are not afraid of using panels anymore. The biggest advantage is that you can react immediately, because you get immediately alerts on your mobile phone, no matter where you are. This is way faster, and more comfortable. You are in control of the customer experience by really implementing AskNow System."

Mgr. Ladislav Mrklas, Ph.D.
Vice-Rector for Studies (2009 - 2020)


"The Next Mobile Solutions company has convinced us that its AskNow system, including the trained staff who serve it, is far more efficient - a more reliable, faster, yet more convenient way for getting feedback. The approach for solving our problem with feedback was very professional, in every way – from the first contact to the detailed presentation of results. Our first experience will certainly not be the last."

prof. MUDr. Jozef Rosina, Ph.D.
Dean of FBMI ČVUT Kladno (2008 - 2016)

ČVUT Kladno

"The AskNow system, developed by Next Mobile Solutions, has proven successful at FBMI ČVUT. It is very user-friendly and flexible, questionnaires are tailor-made, according to the customer’s requirements and can contain unlimited questions and answers. Multilingual and the system allows the application of a number of other features. After testing the AskNow mobile platform from Next Mobile Solutions, the FBMI ČVUT notes that the system is sufficiently sophisticated and suitable for use in education."

Karel Denk
Director of Spa Complex Curie (2011 - to the present)

Jáchymov SPA

"The fast develepment of information technology, has already significantly changed the behavior of our guests in a way how they provide evaluation of their satisfaction. The virtual references generated by the highly intuitive AskNow terminals have become an important tool for our service quality management in our hotel. Flash online awareness of the insights from our guests means, that we can immediately react and solve any situatrions.

The speeed of AskNow is the biggest advantage of the system. In this way we can react immediately react and maki it up if any problems occurs. Decent modern design and illumination of terminals attracts our guests’ to use terminals and share their insights. It is necessary to underline the overal satisfaction with our services, which fortunately prevails among the AskNow feedback from our guests."


Michal Staníček
Head of DAD/CLCM (2013 - to the present)

MAKRO Cash&Carry Praha

"I appreciated the great flexibility of AskNow, where it is possible, thanks to the simplicity and intuitiveness of the system, to conduct research quickly and with quality results.

The big advantage is the possibility to ask customers right when they are shopping in MAKRO and the possibility to monitor online results and very fast evaluation."

Ing. Dan Jiránek
Mayor city of Kladno (2004 - 2014; 2018 - 2020)

City of KLADNO

"The AskNow system has shown a new effective way for a city how to quickly get evaluated information with a truly targeted focus from its citizens.

The used technology is very attractive, yet in a simple form, in addition to a truly professional comprehensive service."

Ing. Andrea Pfeffer Ferklová, MBA
General Manager Grandhotel PUPP (2006 - 2018)

Grandhotel PUPP Karlovy Vary

"By using AskNow, interactive questionnaires you can get real - time results. Within just a just two months, we have evaluated multiple times more data than for the entire previous year."

Mgr. Martin Voženílek
Director (2017 - to the present)

Janské Lázně State Medical Spa

"The AskNow Terminals offer a modern and fastest way how to measure customer satisfaction. Technology allows to get customer feedback instantly, right from the place of establishment. The company management evaluated this way of assessing client satisfaction as clearly the most efficient.

The use of AskNow terminals significantly accelerated the reaction time of the managers of individual departments to any complaints.Its because at the exact moment the questionnaire is sent from the terminal in a clear form to the manager’s e-mail box.Therefore we have time in advance to react and solve situations."

Tomáš Huber
Executive Director of Aquapark Senec (2014 - 2019)

Aquapark Senec, a.s.

"The whole terminal AskNow has a very nice design, is backlit and attracts customers to look at it. From our point of view a very positive service received by our visitors as well as our aquapark staff."

Zuzana Bohdalová
Head of Sales and Reservation Department (2013 - to the present)

Spa Aphrodite Rajecké Teplice

"We have been using AskNow in our spa already for nearly three years now.

Since then AskNow has been remarkable tool for getting evaluated feedback from our customers.

We are very pleased that evaluations come online, in real time, directly to competent managers, who can respond immediately, if needed.

Completing the questionnaire via AskNow is very easy, intuitive and user-friendly and it may be set in variety of languages. From our experience we know that it has been used by a wide range of our customers.

Moreover, the reports for managers are very clear and provide a simple overview of the overall satisfaction of our customers."

Ing. Jan Koutný
Vice Director of Sales & Marketing Hotel Imperial Karlovy Vary (2008 - 2018)

Hotel Imperial Karlovy Vary

"We follow new trends in the industry and we like to try new things. That is why we also decided to use AskNow services in our hotels. It brings us the opinions of our guests online and thanks to that we are able to react immediately and eliminate any inconveniences in the bud. Outputs from the system have become a regular part of our management meetings."

Kateřina Svatošová
Marketing Specialist JVS Group (2009 - 2016)

JVS Group

"I was intrigued by this beautiful AskNow terminal, which at first glance attracts people and I thought it would be worth trying in our exhibitions.

Visitors received it very positively, because this form is far more attractive to them. When we used a paper form, we had to have a hostess to distribute them. This way we have far more results than ever.  My experience with AskNow is very positive. I’m so glad I was able to take free of charge trial and could see how the system works, how fast can I get the data." 


Ing. Sabina Kodlová
Sales Director of Aurora Spa and Berta’s Spa Třeboň (2005 - 2017) Sales Director of Spa Bohdaneč and Spa Teplice nad Bečvou (2017 - to the present)

SPA Třeboň

"By using AskNow we get far more feedback from the clients than from the paper questionnaires. Our clients have the opportunity to contribute their opinion for improving the quality of the services we provide here. Together with the feedback, they also leave contacts and we have the opportunity to respond to them soon and solve any situations with them.

Cooperation with the company was great, I would say beyond expectations, because the implementation of each new project carries certain expectations, complications. Here it went very smoothly, we agreed on the conditions of cooperation. All comments were accepted, so I can only recommend this cooperation, it is very beneficial and we are happy about it."  

PhDr. Martina Urbánková
Quality Manager Slovak health SPA Piešťany (2006 - to the present) Quality and Standard Manager at Ensana Hotels (2019 - to the present)

Ensana Hotels

"Unique advantage of AskNow, is that we get immediate information about guest satisfaction, thanks to which, we can respond promptly and meet guests’ requirements directly during their stay."

Michal Jaroš
Customer Service Specialist AQUAPALACE Praha (2016 – 2019)


"We have been using AskNow instant feedback system for already many years and we wouldn’t change it. We appreciate the simplicity and intuitiveness of the system and the constant improvements that team of AskNow come with. We are looking forward to further cooperation."

Jitka Marková
Costumer Insight & Strategy Manager (2013 - 2016)

McDonald's CZ

"McDonald’s appreciates AskNow’s service, where it gets feedback right from the customers in restaurants on virtually any topic.

Unlike classic marketing research, AskNow is very fast and the flexibility and reliability of outputs can be equal to reputable research agencies."

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