About company

The Czech company NEXT MOBILE SOLUTIONS has developed a unique on-site feedback technology - AskNow Instant Feedback. Since the inception it has been successfully implemented and used in various areas of everyday and working life. It is a technology for capturing and transmitting immediate evaluated responses from customers or employees directly from the site and in real time. Attractively designed feedback terminals with a questionnaire provide an opportunity to express and capture the undistorted opinions of customers directly from a specific location. Customers insights reach responsible persons, who can then work or react directly to the feedback. Thanks to that, your company can keep moving forward and efficiently improve its services.

NEXT MOBILE SOLUTIONS has added another unique platform called AskNow Marketing. This become very interesting in the field of marketing. Interactive terminals offer a unique opportunity to create interactive relationship with current and future customers. They enable not only interactive advertising directly in places with customers move, but also the possibility of further sales support, promotion which can help to stay ahead of competition etc.

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